Sorry, not kittens availables in this moment




                      NOT AVAILABLE: Kittens are very young and we are evaluating them but you can ask us about our impressions

                      on them  (they will became availabe on 4th to 6th week)
                      AVAILABLE: Kitten is available to be reserved.
                      OPTION: Someone is interested but not yet on reservation process so you still can ask us.
                      RESERVED: Kitten is reserved.



-The kittens are delivered after 3 months, depending if they travel inside or outside our country, together with:


-Contract sales to be signed by breeder and owner, accepting the conditions specified as the quality of kitten.

-All our pet kittens are delivered neutered/spayed

-An official veterinary certificate of good health.

-Photocopy of negative tets of fathers in HCM (eco), HCM (DNA) PKD (DNA) FeLV and FIV.

-If the kittens are chocolate, lilac or carrier, photocopies are delivered of colour test of parents.

-European passport.

-Vaccination against Herpesvirus, Calcicirus and pankeukopenia and revaccinated. (With rabies vaccination oly if it is out of Spain)

-Dewormed internally and externally.

-Always identified with a microchip.

-Pedigree FIFE.

-Pet carrier.

-Kitten  kit  Royal Canin.


-Document for reserve


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