We are Oscar & Gema, friends and cat lovers, our passion for ragdolls has led us to start this cattery which we hope will produce kittens who will be loved as much as the ones that live with us

Our cattery’s name originated from a videogame we love to play – the Unreal Tournament.

We chose this name because of the game’s impact on our lives, so that we could always remember how we began as time goes on

We decided to specialize only in traditional coloration (seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac) because for us these represent the authentic ragdoll and we like them better than others. “traditional coloration” is not to be confused with “traditional line”

The standard we follow is that of the Federation Internationale Feline (fife) even though we occasionally participate in TICA, WCF, and CFA shows

Our breeding plan is based primarily on improving the type of the ragdoll by introcing chocolate and lilac colorations. the chocolate and lilac gene pool of the ragdoll is very small, originating from two main breeders and some other sources which are not well known. this means that basing the breeding plan on crossing chocolate and lilac between themselves continually is not the best way, but must incorporate the introduction of other more dynamic genetic lines for the phenotype during many generations. this helps to increase the genetic pool of the breed and is to everyone’s benefit.

There exists a great problem with chocolate and lilac colorations because of many pedigree errors where seal and blue ragdolls have been classified incorrectly as chocolate and lilac, giving rise to a false belief that these colorations have always existed in the breed or that any ragdoll can have chocolate and lilac kittens in their litter. this is completely false and only the ragdolls specifically bred from certain genetic lines with outcrossing can give offspring with these colorations. hence there are so few authentic chocolate and lilac ragdolls, making them the most highly valued and the least common of the breed.

Besides our efforts with respect to the coloration, we breed cats who are healthy, beautiful, and big, demonstrating the perfect type and temperament. obtaining the most perfect possible patterns is our most important priority following health and a good personality. the contrast between the body color and the spots is also something we wish to improve in the breed, as well as to make the blue of the eyes the most intense possible.

We regularly attend shows throughout Europe with our male cats, as well as the female cats. many catteries have females who have never set paw at a show. we believe that this is something indispensable for any breeder cat. we take great pride in our females, their titles and their progeny. our ragdolls enjoy going to the shows, and except for some of them who hate travel, the rest are very sociable, extrovert, adaptable, and bear the trips well wether by car or by plane.

We are never ashamed of our kittens, in fact we are so proud of all of them, that the pictures of every single kitten from every single litter we have ever had is on our website, along with all the corresponding information, so that anyone can access it.


En la actualidad somos socios de varios Clubs del Ragdoll, Asociación Española del Ragdoll (AER) Ragdoll International (RI) y Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI)


Nuestros pedigrees se tramitan en FIFE Club Felino Portugues de Felinicultura, un club serio y estable donde los haya.


Nuestro afijo esta registrado en FIFE  Unreal Ragdolls*ES nº 1797 y en TICA Unrealdolls nº 18182 y Unrealrag nº16881







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